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Use of cameras, computers, laptops, cell phones, iPads, tape recorders, or any other type of device during performances is strictly prohibited and may result in point deduction, disqualification of the routine, or disqualification of the studio. Use of cameras and videos, including flash photography, is welcomed during award ceremonies. The studio is responsible for notifying all students, parents, and other participants of these rules and restrictions in writing prior to the event.  


If LUXXE Arts, Inc. and/or its judges deem the dance movements, music lyrics, costuming or overall theme of the routine inappropriate for a family audience based upon sexual content, vulgar or profane lyrics, or obscenity, the scores may be reduced or routine may be disqualified as a penalty reflecting the inappropriate music content, costumes and/or dance movements. Coaching from the wings is prohibited at all events.  


Safety is our main priority, and thus specific rules apply with respect to props, scenery, and lighting. LUXXE Arts Inc. reserves the right to limit or deny prop usage depending on venue or time restrictions for certain events. Generally, use of props is allowed, but the props must be free-standing and follow the specific rules below.

  • Props must be carried onto the stage. Assembly requiring tools of any kind is not allowed on stage.

  • Props must be assembled and removed within 60 seconds unless extended set up time is added.

  • Use of fire, swords, knives, guns, or other weapons which could injure participants are prohibited in routines and on stage. Simulated weapons may be used in routines and on stage only if they are specifically approved for use based on their material, construction, and dull edges by LUXXE Arts, Inc. in writing prior to the performance.  

  • Use of liquids, gels, aerosols, glitter, paint, or similar substances that would affect the dancing surface is prohibited unless the use is specifically approved for use by LUXXE Arts, Inc. in writing prior to the performance.  

  • Use of special fog, smoke, and dry ice is prohibited.

  • Helium balloons are prohibited in the auditorium, in routines or on stage.

  • Live animals are prohibited in the auditorium, venue, in routines, and on stage. Please contact us for service animal approval.

  • Scenery or backdrops requiring the use of theater fly bars is prohibited.     

  • Lighting may not be adjusted.


LUXXE Arts has zero tolerance for misconduct at our family friendly events. Misconduct is defined by authorized LUX Producers at every regional. We reserve the right to excuse attendees and directors alike from an event at any time. Should a studio director be removed from an event, they will assign a studio representative to fill in their place.

Safety will always be our first priority for our performers and audience. Any person who has been convicted of misconduct with a minor may not attend any LUXXE Arts, Inc. event. This includes and is not limited to directors, instructors, staff, and attendees. 


Contestants and teachers understand that by entering a LUXXE Arts, Inc. event they give their permission and consent to the directors of LUXXE Arts, Inc. to use their images or photographs or appear in videos, television, or any other electronic media for advertising, news coverage or any other commercial use of our events. Any performer competing in dance competitions takes certain inherent risks. These include, but are not limited to sprains, bruises, pulled muscles, and broken bones. Participation in this competition indicates the acceptance of such risks by performers. Therefore by virtue of entering this event, it is agreed that participants will not hold LUXXE Arts, Inc.; or its officers, directors officials, staff or employees responsible for injuries sustained or illnesses contracted by them while in attendance and/or participating in any activity related to LUXXE Arts, Inc. LUXXE Arts, Inc. and the hosting facility are not responsible for personal injury to either contestants or spectators. Studios are required to notify all participants in advance and provide copies of executed copies of the LUXXE Arts, Inc. Participant Waiver and Release of Liability to LUXXE Arts, Inc. prior to the start of the event. Failure to follow event and venue guidelines, which result in injury or damaged property, are at the expense of attendee; including but not limited to parking illegally, entering into off limit spaces, and sitting or standing in undesignated areas.

Do not leave any property, costumes, props, or valuables unattended in dressing rooms, theaters, auditoriums, or otherwhere at the event venues. LUXXE Arts, Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen property of the studio or any participants.


All official communication between LUXXE Arts, Inc. and participating studios will occur via email, and studios are encouraged to regularly check email and respond promptly to any questions or requests for information. Parents are instructed to contact the studio directors for any information, not LUXXE Arts, Inc.  

Entries must be postmarked by or entered online by the entry deadline date, which is 21 days prior to the scheduled event. Entries are accepted in the order received and acceptance is limited based upon performance time availability. All registrations received after the entry deadline will be considered only if space remains available. LUXXE Arts, Inc. reserves the right to reject any entry application for any reason.  

Entry fees must be paid by credit card or cashier’s check payable to LUXXE Arts, Inc. Full payment of the entire entry fee must be made at least 21 days prior to the scheduled event. After the deadline date has past, any late registrations must be paid by credit card and will have a late fee applied per routine. Students and routines removed after the 21 day deadline are considered a fair scratch. No credit will be offered.

Entry fees are not refundable should a participant need to withdraw student, routines, or cancel for any reason. LUXXE Arts, Inc. reserves the right to cancel scheduled events if, in its sole discretion, the event cannot occur due to circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to weather related conditions, pandemics such as the Covid-19 or other contagious diseases, viruses, or unforeseen threats to public health and safety, acts of God, strikes, lockouts, vendor disputes or bankruptcy, civil disturbances, interruptions due to government or court order, law, statute, ordinance or regulation. In the event of a cancellation, LUXXE Arts, Inc. reserves the right to postpone and reschedule the event to a future date within twenty-four (24) months of the originally scheduled date when circumstances allow. If the event is rescheduled to a future date within twenty-four (24) months of the originally scheduled event, the entry fees, or deposits previously paid shall be applied to the rescheduled event. The rescheduled event may be held at a different venue located within fifty (50) miles from the originally scheduled venue; the rescheduled event may be held on a different day of the week and may differ in length (between 1-5 days). LUXXE Arts, Inc. shall provide the studio with notice of its intent to reschedule the event no later than ninety (90) days following the canceled event. In the event that LUXXE Arts, Inc. elects not to reschedule the event within that timeframe, all entry fees and deposits shall be refunded in FULL. In the event that a studio is unable to attend the rescheduled event or another event within twenty-four (24) months of the originally scheduled event for good cause shown, the studio shall be issued a dollar-for-dollar credit for use at another PAC Collective event, which credit shall not expire. Should a venue require proof of vaccination or negative Covid test result for entry into the competition and you are unable to present the requirement, refunds will not be issued.   

Any complaints or disputes by a Studio shall be made in writing to the corporation’s authorized registered agent with the Office of the Secretary of State of Illinois. Studios and participants agree and consent to exclusive jurisdiction in the State of Illinois and venue in the Circuit Court of the Twelfth Judicial District, Will County, Illinois for any dispute or lawsuit arising out of this Agreement, and they waive any and all rights to contest such jurisdiction and venue, and any objection that such county is not convenient.  

By registering for an event, you agree and fully understand the above, its contents, and agree to be bound by the terms contained therein. The studio owner, as authorized for the participating studio, further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Luxxe Arts, Inc. and its officers, directors, employees, and agents from any loss, liability, injury, damage, or cost to its business, officers, directors, employees and agents, person and/or property which may result from its participation in this event.  

Please continue to check for updated Rules, Regulations and Policies and answers to frequently asked questions about all aspects of the competitions and performances. LUXXE Arts, Inc. reserves the right to amend, modify, delete, or add additional Rules, Regulations and Policies at any time deemed necessary.

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