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LUXXE Arts, Inc. is proud to have some of the most talented professionals in the industry on our CREW. LUXXE Arts judges are educators and performers who believe in inspiring the next generation of dancers in the industry through honest, constructive critiques to motivate the dancer in the classroom and inspire the artist on stage. 

Each routine will be judged on technique, performance and personality, and general effect to arrive at an adjudicated award. The predetermined point value for adjudicated awards is given to directors. LUXXE Arts Challenge awards Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze to all levels of competition. Routines registered in our Competitive level will be able to earn a Crystal award. Routines in our Pre-Professional level may earn the coveted highest adjudicated award, The Elite Award, in addition to Crystal, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze. There may be multiple adjudicated awards in each age group and category. Each routine will receive pins for each participant.

All dancers, parents, and directors agree that the time, manner, and method of judging the contestant shall be solely at the discretion of the directors and producers of LUXXE Arts Challenge. All decisions of the judges are final.


This category is for conceptual choreography, tribute routines, and artists that would simply like to perform for an audience. Directors have the option to receive technical critiques with no placement. The students, choreographer, and school with an entry in the "Premier" category will receive recognition for their artistry.


Ballet and Pointe dance categories can contain NO tumbling skills or passes.​


Tumbling skills are listed below. Tumbling skills may be used together to form a pass. A tumbling pass is considered 1 trick. If dancers are doing any of the above in unison, this will be counted as 1 trick.

Tumbling skills include:

  • Cartwheels

  • Roundoffs

  • Walkovers

  • Aerials

  • Handsprings

  • Tucks

  • Pikes

  • Layouts

  • Fulls


Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Musical Theater, Contemporary, Tap, and Clogging dance categories can contain ONLY 3 or less tumbling skills or passes.​


Routines that exceed the 3-tricks will be deducted a point deduction per judge per skill.


If dance movements, music lyrics, or costuming are deemed to be too suggestive or otherwise inappropriate for our family audience, or if the music contains vulgar or inappropriate lyrics, the scores will reflect poor choices in music and movement.

Any performers that exit the stage after 25 seconds of the performance will be scored upon their first attempt. They are allowed to perform again for the satisfaction of completing the routine.

A point deduction per judge will be made for any violations.


Pre-Professional soloists in the Petite, Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, and Senior age group may compete for Title. Soloists must PRE-REGISTER as they will be competing in a separate session. Soloists may enter multiple routines for the title competition. We will only crown 1 solo per dancer.

Each judge will have a separate score sheet for all Title candidates judging on the routine's style. This is available on the DIRECTORS' resources page for Studio Owners/ Teachers to view. Title Score is separate from the adjudicated scores.

IMPORTANT: There must be a minimum of 4 soloists in an age division to compete for Title. Title age divisions are separated as ‘8 & Under’, ‘9 thru 12’ and '13 & Up'. If the minimum is not met, entries will be combined as follows ’12 & Under’ and ’13 & Up’ or all Title contestants will be moved into one division. Age divisions may be broken down further dependent on enrollment at the particular event.  

Title winners will receive a banner, crown or a beanie, and are automatically considered a Cover Model Semi-Finalist. A dancer may only be a Title Winner at one regional per year. Title entries will not be included in regular overalls and will instead be placed in their own overall category. The top 10  contestants in each age division will receive a crown/beanie. Ties will not be split.   


  • Can I enter more than one solo for Title?

    • Yes, there is no limit on Title entries per dancer.

  • My dancer only has 1 solo. I am concerned about her getting an overall only for Title.  What do you recommend?

    • It is recommended that dancers with multiple solos participate in the Title program.

  • Which age divisions can run for Title?

    • Petite, Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, and Senior

  • Which levels can run for Title?

    • Pre-Professional only

  • Are Title entries included in regular overalls?

    • No. Title entries will be placed into their own overall separate from the regular age and level overall.

  • Is Title ever split by age division?

    • Yes, when an age division exceeds 10 entries we will split that age division to compete in an independent Title. Example: 8 & Under (5 entries), 9 thru 12 (5 entries), Teen (11 entries), (Senior 45 entries) - 13 & Up will be separated to give a top 10 for each age division.

  • What if there are not enough registrants for Title in a specific age group or city?

    • We will contact your director.
  • Do Title entries receive adjudicated placements?

    • Yes, each title entry will receive their adjudicated placement. Please note, title scores are based on a separate score sheet - not the adjudicated score.

  • How is Title scored?

    • Title has a different scoring sheet for each style of dance.  Your director can provide more information about this scoring method.

  • Can a dancer that scored higher in adjudicated receive a lower Title placement?

    • Yes, Title has a separate scoring system specific to the style of dance that the routine is registered for.

  • Who receives a crown?

    • Every dancer in the top ten will receive a crown or beanie.

  • Can I register for Title at the event?

    • No. We do not accept title registrations at the event as title entries are scheduled in a separate session.

  • My Title entry is unable to perform during their time slot, can they compete before in a different session?

    • No,  all Title entries must compete at their scheduled time.



These awards are special awards that are given by the judges for anything they feel needs extra recognition. They can be given to a group, soloists, or duo/ trio in any age division or competitive level.


"TOP 15"

The TOP 15 routines in the soloist, duo/ trio, small group, large group, and lines in each of the competitive levels - Advanced, Competitive, and Pre-Professional will be recognized. If the competition has less than 3 routines in a category, the top routine will be announced. If there are less than 75 group routines in a session, small and large groups may be combined for overalls. Soloists may only place once in overalls. Ties will be given to the routine with the highest technique score.



LUX Bux are awarded to the top overall in the Pre-Professional Category. LUX Bux may only  be applied towards registration fees. Studios are to keep the physical vouchers. Vouchers will be applied toward studio accounts once mailed into LUXXE' offices. LUX Bux are awarded to studios, not individual dancers.


$50.00 LUX Bux will be awarded to the Top Soloist in each age division in the Pre-Professional Category. (Mini, Petite, Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, Senior)



$100.00 LUX Bux will be awarded to the Top Duet/Trio in each age division in the Pre-Professional Category. (Mini, Petite, Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, Senior)



$150 LUX Bux will be awarded to the Top Group in each age division in the Pre-Professional Category. (Mini, Petite, Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, Senior)


$200 LUX Bux will be awarded to the Top Line/Production in each age division in the Pre-Professional Category. (Mini, Petite, Junior, Pre-Teen, Teen, Senior)


These banners will be presented during the Call Back improv showcase.


This banner will be given during group award ceremonies only and is a judges' choice award.


This banner will be given during group award ceremonies only and is a judges' choice award.


This banner will be given during group award ceremonies only and is a judges' choice award. Routines nominated for our PAC Attack Challenge™ are eligible for this award.


Top Studio Eligibility Requirements:

1. Must register a minimum of 3 Small Groups at the Pre-Professional Level

2. Must register a minimum of 2 Large Groups at the Pre-Professional Level

3. Must register a minimum of 1 Production at the Pre-Professional Level

4. Any age group qualifies

5. Ties are automatically broken by technique score

6. Average score of the 6 highest scoring routines broken into the 3 routine types will provide the 3 top studios of

each regional competition

Title FAQs
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